WCKN Television

History of WCKN

Due to limited material available, the early history of WCKN is incomplete. Hopefully, when information becomes available, we will be able to add additional information to this page.


Early history put together by John Kirbey, a member from 1971-1977


ICRN moves from Hamlin-Powers to the basement of Graham Hall and is assigned the call letters "WCKN" by the FCC.


The Flood! Water mains burst in the basement of Graham Hall days before the students return from Winter Break. All is lost but a few pieces of equipment. Insurance helps to replace just about everything in the facility. Dave Relyea installs a small flood wall in the doorway of studio to prevent similar disasters in the future.


"Potsdam Vice" appears as the winning entry to the first production contest. Mike Morgan and Pat Fedder among others receive the $50 prize.


WCKN begins a minor rennovation of our space in Graham Hall, managing to merge three rooms (broadcast/programming, audio, and video control rooms) into a single control room, replacement of the video switcher, and consolidation of a few computers and a new replay system before abandoning the project to focus on our move to the new Student Center.

In fall 2010 we moved to the new Student Center, gaining a new automation system, video wall, and teleprompter system along the way. Most of our stuff either moved to the new studio our went into storage. We managed to get the control room online just in time for hockey; the sudio was online a couple of weeks later. The move also saw the end of the fish tank due to our new calendar system. We also upgraded our control system in the press box and added a fourth camera for studio productions. The majority of the new station was wired by Lou Seiter and Brian Devins.

Tour our old station in Graham Hall!