WCKN Television

Graham Hall Tour

Our space in Graham Hall included a lobby area used for storage and the fish tank, a control room (formerly three rooms; one had the broadcast and programming equipment, one had the video switcher, graphics, the teleprompter, public service annoucements, and replays, and the third had audio equipment), a server room, the studio, an office, a lounge area, the engineering room, and the "room of death" (storage for old equipment).

A montage of the station in Graham Hall is available on youtube.

Calendar System

This is what our old calendar looked like. The text was on top of a live video of the fish tank.

Wood Lou

Our chief engineer from 2009-2011, Lou Seiter

Video Switcher

Our video switcher, related monitors, and the remote camera controls

VTR Rack

Our VTR rack, used for recording and copying productions as well as importing public service announcements

Broadcast Rack

The broadcasting rack, containing a video/audio router and the DVR used for our hour delay on men's hockey games. The automation system is next to it.

The Stage

Our stage, pictured here before News

Green Screen

The green screen in the studio

Control Room

The control room

Video Library

Our video library, now in storage

Fish Tank

The fish tank and camera for the live feed

Audio System

The audio system, including the audio board, patch panels, and the audio computer